Thursday, 4 June 2015

Ogoh-ogoh at Dark Mofo

Contact: Lorise Clark, Faculty of Arts, University of Tasmania
p: 62261508   e:

Date: June        
Location: Hobart

Intended Audience: Students, Teachers, Parents

University of Tasmanian: Faculty of Arts: Ogoh-ogoh at Dark Mofo

This winter solstice (June 21), the traditional Indonesian ogoh-ogoh monster procession is coming to cleanse Hobart for Dark Mofo. The event will consist of two parts – the purging, where you can scribble your darkest fears on the beast sculptures at Macquarie Point's Dark Park, and the burning, where the secret-laden beasts will be paraded through the waterfront and ritualistically burned.
Get involved:
Monster Carrying - Volunteer in shouldering one of the three ogoh-ogoh beasts.
Monster Squad: Roar, clang, whistle & cheer, or even make your own ogoh-ogoh!
Join in the events: Join the ogoh-ogoh purging, procession and burning rituals.
Schools Program: Meet the artists and learn about ogoh-ogoh.
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