Thursday, 28 May 2015

MILA 1 – Multisensory Instruction in Language Arts

Contact: Robyn Grace, Spalding Education Australia
p: +61398894768   e:

Date: 28/9/2015 – 9/07/2015 Inclusive          RSVP: 1/08/2015
Location: St Michael's Collegiate Junior School
58 Anglesea Street South Hobart, Tas 7004.

Intended Audience: Teachers, Speech Pathologists, Ed Psychs, Occupational Therapists, Teacher Aides, Parents

Learn how to deliver the Spalding Method of teaching literacy. Scientifically proven as one of the most comprehensive and effective methods for teaching English, incorporating Spelling, Reading and Writing.
The 45 hours of tuition, delivered over 10 days, will instruct you in teaching:

• Phonemic Awareness
• Phonograms
• Rules of Spelling
• High Frequency Vocabulary
• Sentence Construction
• Literacy Appreciation
• Text Structure
• Comprehension strategies

MILA 1 is the complete package for Literacy instruction!

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