Thursday, 7 May 2015

Exploring Student Engagement for Learning and Wellbeing

Contact: David Hamlett, Solutions Tree Australia
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Date: 19 May 2015          RSVP: Applications close 14 May 2015
Location: Wrest Point Casino

Intended Audience: Teachers and Principals

The body of literature around student engagement is vast and continues to grow. Educators have never been better informed of the complexities and interactions between pedagogy, technology, neuroscience and engagement. And yet, across the western world in particular, studies suggest that student engagement levels continue to drop. Not only are more students seemingly disengaged, but they seem to be so at an increasingly earlier stage of their academic career. Teachers need to be equipped with a range of approaches to engage students in meaningful ways. The first steps in doing this are to establish what we mean when we say engagement, and
use best practice case studies to inform our own approaches.

Learning Outcomes
This course will enable teachers, school and system leaders to:
  •  Explore the meaning of authentic engagement.
  •  Explore how teachers and schools can encourage it in their community.
  • Teachers, school and system leaders will:
  •  Review various engagement models including case studies of best practice.
  •  Participate in a hands on workshop and create their own teaching program centred on their new understanding of student engagement.