Thursday, 7 May 2015

Do career development services need to be redesigned to meet the needs of individuals and economies in a rapidly changing labour market?

Contact: Dr Greg Calvert, Career Development Association of Australia

Date: Wednesday May 20, 4.30- 6 pm    
Location: Hobart

Intended Audience: Secondary & Senior Secondary - Careers Co-Ordinators, Grade Co-Ordinators

This discussion and presentation by Peter Tatham will look at international and national initiatives that are trying to deal with career development provision in a context of rising youth unemployment, lower levels of public funding and a changing job market.
There are signs of positive innovation but also questions and challenges for career development professionals. What service provision is likely to lead to higher levels of career readiness and better outcomes for individuals? How should it be delivered? There are no easy answers. This presentation will highlight examples of progress in several countries.