Thursday, 23 April 2015

Winter Outdoor Experiences on Ben Lomond

Contact: Felicity FOOT, Ben Lomond Snow Sports
p: 0427 318 984   e:  

Date: from early July to Mid September
Location: Ben Lomond National Park

Intended Audience: Teachers that have students that would benefit from a day or days on Ben Lomond

During winter when students are in need of a quick pick-me up experience with-in the Tasmania we can now offer a fantastic opportunity.
  • Equipment hire in skiing or snowboarding with or without a lesson. Snow touring groups.  trekking over the snow, with proper snow shoes . All clothing and toboggans. Accounts can be sent to schools at the end of the camp.
  • Accommodation can be organised for small and larger groups in lodges directly on the snow.
  • Shuttle bus transport 24/7 now located on the mountain.
  • Help with Park Application forms.
  • This season we can also offer a day package that includes lunch. Please contact us via e-mail  on or mobile 0427 318984 (Geoff or Felicity).
  • With the introduction of our snowmaking equipment 3 seasons ago, we can now make snow as soon as the conditions are ready, this enables us to extend the season, and top up with man made snow particularly on the teaching and snow play area.
  • If students are not excited with the thought of skiing or boarding we do have toboggans. These are still a great way of getting students involved in outdoor activities.
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