Thursday, 23 April 2015

economic S4W - Lifelong Economic Wellbeing for Women

Contact: Sally Jope, economic Security4Women

Date: Website Launch 22 April 2015
Location: online

Intended Audience: Women

Re: Women and Girls into Male Dominated Occupations and Industries

We seek your support to ensure that employment options for young women are not limited by factors that range from persistent gender stereotyping to negative perceptions about and experiences of young women in non- traditional occupations.

To this end, economic Security4Women (eS4W) is pleased to invite you to preview an online resource we have developed for girls, in secondary school, to encourage them to consider a career in what are now male dominated occupations or industries.
 We are happy to receive feedback on any misinformation in the site and importantly, seek your assistance in promoting the website to your department and related areas of portfolio responsibility.

The resource

You can find the resource here

The website highlights:
• some of the many women working in 'non-traditional' jobs,
• points to the pathways to these jobs and
• includes links to a range of innovative programs that encourage girls to explore all careers
 Why eS4W developed the resource

Today young women in Australia consistently do better than young men in secondary school, they but are less likely to get jobs in the high-income, in-demand occupations based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) or in the skilled trades.

Through this website we aim to assist young women to convert their school success to career success in these non-traditional occupations and male dominated industries.

The rationale for the website is based on research for eS4W by WAVE that found innovative careers' exploration practices in Australian schools have resulted in good outcomes for girls and young women exploring STEM and trades based occupations. This research underpinning eS4W's report to government, demonstrates the value of highly visible female role models and mentors from STEM and other non-traditional occupations and industries; that they are crucial to broadening the career aspirations and expectations of young women.

How the resource can be used

The 'Girls can do anything' website has been developed for young women in secondary school.

Teachers, especially career guidance teachers and other career development practitioners and parents can use it to encourage young women to explore ALL careers and work opportunities.

The website we initially promote in April is not intended to be the final product.

Our aim has always been to populate the site with enough role models to be interesting and engaging, before going live. Then we hope the site will remain current with additional women, changing faces and updated information that may include relevant organisations and projects that you can recommend to us.

The site can then be a one-stop shop with links to current and new projects and organisations that support girls and women to explore work in these occupations and industries.
 Why is eS4W doing this?

eS4W is a national alliance of women's organisations, funded by the Australian Government through the Office for Women. Our role is to bring together women's organisations and individuals from across Australia to share information, identify barriers to women's economic security and to identify solutions by prioritising the key issues for action to bring about change.

We also engage actively with the Australian Government on policy issues as part of a better more informed and representative dialogue between women and government.

'Women into what are now male dominated occupations and industries' is one of the key issues our members have identified towards improving women's long-term economic security and increasing gender equality in Australia.

The launch of the website will be via AAP Multi Media Release in the third week of April 22.

Giving you advance notice of this launch date provides you with the opportunity to offer feedback to us. It also gives you the opportunity to make public comments, at the time of the launch, about the site and the need to increase the participation of women and girls in these occupations and industries.

You could also take the opportunity of highlighting the work of your government in this area.

Primarily we are keen for you to promote the website through the sectors that you have under your responsibility.

eS4W will automatically send you the link to the media launch of the website in April.