Thursday, 5 March 2015

Waste NoT Awards 2015

Contact: Regan East, Northern  Waste Management Group

Date: 2 March - 17 April     RSVP: 17 April 2015
Location: Northern Tasmania

Intended Audience: Northern Tasmanian schools

The Waste NoT Awards 2015 program is now open to eligible organisations and individuals. The program aims to celebrate and recognise those within the community who have made the effort to change the way they manage their waste.

From waste avoidance, waste processing and education initiatives through to recycling, re-invention and up-cycling, these awards will recognise efforts made to improve waste management and recycling and will highlight the importance of better waste management practices to the community.

Award submissions close at 3pm on Friday 17 April.

Download the application guidelines and application form for more information on the awards program.

The Waste NoT Awards 2015 program is an initiative of the 
Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group.