Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tournament Of Minds (TOM) Tasmania

Contact: Penny Wilde, Tournament Of Minds Tasmania
p: 0407 470 875   e:

Date: Challenges start Monday 27 July 2015. State Final  September 5
RSVP: Team nominations close July 23
Location: Statewide with a Launceston final

Intended Audience: All primary and secondary schools

TOM is a program which teams the opportunity to participate in open ended, creative activities with exciting Challenges which require experimentation and which reward divergent thinking.
Teams of 7 enter either the primary or secondary division and participate in two Challenge areas that make up TOM - The Long Term Challenge and the Spontaneous Challenge.
 The Long Term Challenge disciplines are:
Language Literature, Maths Engineering, Social Sciences and Applied Technology

Tournament of Minds Aims:
  • To provide the stimulation of real, open-ended Challenges.
  • To develop creative problem solving approaches and techniques.
  • To foster cooperative learning and team work.
  • To promote knowledge and appreciation of self and others.
  • To encourage experimentation and risk taking.
  • To expand and reward creative and divergent thinking.
  • To stimulate a spirit of inquiry and a love of learning.
  • To develop enterprise.
  • To celebrate excellence

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