Thursday, 5 March 2015

Film Festival for Secondary Students

Contact: Noelene Hayes, The Australian Students Film Festival
p: 0423 867 757   e:

Screenings in Nov/ Dec   Confirm intention to enter by 1 June
Location: National

Intended Audience: All secondary schools

The Australian Students Film Festival is the only annual film festival open to secondary school students Australia wide. 2015 is our inaugural year in which we become a national event and we are excited to offer the opportunity to 1.5 million secondary students across Australia. Last year we were a NSW based festival and had over 2000 students attend. We offer free entry to all Australian schools.

The aim of the festival is to offer students the opportunity to learn new skills as filmmakers and actively participate as informed and discerning viewers and creators of media. We endeavour to offer educational, creative, social and cultural benefits to students of all abilities and socio-economic standings.

We offer support for teachers and a facility to engage with their peers. Creating films can meet cross curriculum needs in English, Drama, Information & Software Technology, Visual Arts, Society and Culture, Music, History and possibly even Geography and Aboriginal Studies.

Digital film-making allows for teachers to explore student interests and engage them in a meaningful way relevant to their world. The theme of the festival this year is 'Our Town', in which students create a film 5 minutes in length. The films are written, shot and edited by students as a class activity. Students then attend screenings at local cinemas or universities, depending on the location of schools. Students get to experience the full range of the film making experience, culminating at a screening where they meet with their peers to watch their films on a big screen.


For information about the festival please go to the website or feel free to contact our coordinator at