Thursday, 5 March 2015

Exhibition: National Photographic Portrait Prize 2014

Contact: Dianne Sheehan, Devonport Regional Gallery
p: 6424 8296   e:

Exhibition closes 8 March 2015
Location: Devonport

Intended Audience: Primary & Secondary students

The 2014 National Photographic Portrait Prize (NPPP) is on at Devonport Regional Gallery, touring from the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra (7 February – 8 March).

NPPP includes 45 works by Australia's very best contemporary photographers, both professional and aspiring. The exhibition's accompanying learning resource explores the history of Australian photography, and photographic functions and conventions in relation to the implied meanings created by photographers and their subjects.

Using the learning resource, students will be guided through the exhibition by Gallery staff in a Floor Talk, engaging in thought provoking discussion about the photographs and the considerations made by the photographer.

We will be addressing the following key components of the Visual Art Curriculum:
  • Using skills, techniques and processes
  • Using codes and conventions
  • Interpreting and appraising the works of others
  • Making aesthetic choices
  • Reflecting cultural, social and historical contexts
  • Present with purpose
Through the following links:
  • History of portrait photography in Australia
  • Conventions of portraiture
  • Diversity of photographic medium
  • Choices made by photographers
  • Portrait as narrative
Visits are free and can be tailored to each class. Floor talks range from 30–45 minutes. To book your class visit please contact Dianne Sheehan at the Gallery on 6424 8296 or via email