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Student workshops from A Fairer World

Contact: Jeremy Picone, A Fairer World
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Date: Terms 1 & 2, 2015  Contact us about a booking now
Location: Statewide

Intended Audience: Grades 6-12

Student workshops for Geography, Environmental Science & Society, 
Food & Nutrition, Health Studies, and AAP

Book now for us to deliver one of these workshops with your students in Term 1 or 2. See the attached flyer for topics covered, curriculum links, and costs.

Our presenter has nine years' experience in global issues advocacy, and is the Tasmanian Coordinator for the Global Poverty Project. All sessions are adapted to participants needs, and include real life stories, multimedia, interactive activities, handouts, and discussion.

A Fairer World supports teachers with student workshops, professional development, curriculum materials and learning resources - see our website for details.


Addresses the question, 'How do we feed a world of 9 billion people by 2050?'

Suitable for:
- Australian Curriculum: Geography – Year 9, 'Biomes and Food Security'
- TQA Environmental Science & Society
- TQA Food & Nutrition

"The teachers commented on how real the topic has become for their students and the points that you raised were very relevant to the course. The level you pitched to was perfect. It provided real examples with data to back it up. We were extremely impressed and would value your contribution again next year." Megan Gunn, Claremont College Teacher

Addresses the questions, 'What is the state of health around the world?', 'What are the connections between health and poverty?', and 'What did the Millennium Development Goals achieve?'

Suitable for:
- TQA Health Studies, 'Worldwide Health'
- TQA Australia in Asia and the Pacific, 'Overseas Aid'

"Thank you very much indeed for an excellent presentation today! The curriculum materials, activities and movies were all fantastic. This was a huge help to me in my teaching of Health Studies, and very useful for the students." Jane MacDonald, Guilford Young College Teacher

Addresses the questions, 'What does it mean to live in extreme poverty?', 'How does this affect us?', and 'Can extreme poverty be ended?'

Suitable for:
- TQA Health Studies, 'Worldwide Health'
- Australian Curriculum: Geography – Years 6-10, 'A diverse and connected world' (Year 6), 'Place and liveability' (Year 7), 'Geographies of interconnections' (Year 9), and 'Geographies of human wellbeing' (Year 10).

"Every Year 9 student left the room with a sense of purpose and feeling that they must play a role in making the world a better and fairer place." Lillian, Teacher

"In all my years at school I have heard many different guest speakers, and seen many different presentations, but none of them have been as inspiring as the presentation on global poverty." Emily, Student

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