Thursday, 12 February 2015

Canoe Tasmania Flatwater Instructor/Guide/Canoe Lifeguard Course

Contact: Su Sprott, Canoe Tas Development Officer

Date: 28 Feb - 1 March         RSVP: 23 February
Location: Kingston Beach

Intended Audience: Outdoor Education Teachers & assistants, Phys Ed Staff

Canoe Tas will be running a Flatwater Guide, Instructor and Canoe Lifeguard Training & Assessment (for an Australian Canoeing Award) on 28 Feb - 1 March, to help assist staff who need qualifications early in the school year to be able to run their kayaking programs.

Please see supporting document for the description of the different requirements and experience pre-requisites for each Award and also for an understanding of which qualification is required for the type of programs being run.

There will also be opportunity for both Flatwater and Whitewater Training & Assessment at the Forth Canoe Education Weekend on 21-22 March.

Flatwater registration February 2015