Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hour of Code - an hour of fun computer programming for K-12 students

Contact: Ken Price, TASITE / Hour of Code
w: and

Date: Any time that suits your students
Location: Online

Intended Audience: Primary, secondary, senior secondary teachers

Hour of Code is the largest learning event in history with around 40 million students involved so far. It is an event in which as many students as possible try an hour of fun computer programming, either at school or elsewhere.

The Hour of Code website contains links to a huge range of simple and engaging activities. Your school might want to use these with just a few students, a whole class, a few classes or the whole school. Using some Hour of Code resources would also be a great end-of year activity, or something to suggest to parents via your newsletter.

While the intention is for students to do this worldwide in the week Dec 8-14 December, the resources remain available for use any time.

Hour of Code is entirely free, thanks to partnerships with a range of educational and technology organisations.