Thursday, 30 October 2014

Recycling Education presentation

Contact: Mary Gill, Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group
p: 0400 690 017   e:

Date: Any week day, mornings preferable, until June 2015
Location: Northern Tasmania - any school

Intended Audience: Primary School Students

Recycling Education staff are available to come out to schools and speak to students about what goes in the kerbside recycling bins. The presentation lasts for about 30 minutes - can be longer if students ask lots of questions.

As part of the presentation, students are given a big bag of clean household rubbish to sort into bins. There is also a 4 minute film on what happens to the recyclables once the bin is collected.

The presentation is adapted to the age of the students and works well with up to 40 students in a group.

Staff can expand the presentation to discuss what recycling and re-using can be done in the classroom and school yard too.