Thursday, 11 September 2014

'snAppshots' iPad Apps show & tell

Contact: Peter Galligan, Learning Services South
p: 0417 387 045   e:

Date: 16 September 2014          RSVP: Not applicable
Location: Hobart College

Intended Audience: Staff who work with students with high needs & disabilities

There's a multitude of iPad Apps for educational purposes, but it's difficult finding the better ones.

This session invites all educationalists to attend snAppshots where participants have 2 or 3 minutes to present their favourite App – particularly those which are applicable to students with high needs & disabilities.

This snAppshots session will feature movie & multimedia apps which would be more applicable to upper primary and high school use. All are welcome to present apps around this theme, or favourite apps of other genres (eg: music, art, book making...)

Feel free to attend and just observe, but feel even more free to contribute by presenting your favourite App.

iPads can be projected onto a larger screen. Session starts at 3.30 in the Teachers Learning Centre (previously the staff room)