Thursday, 18 September 2014

Rock & Water 2 Day Primary School Workshop for teachers

Contact: Camilla McQualter, FAC, University of Newcastle
p: 02 4921 7743   e:

Date: 6-7 November          RSVP: 5 November
Location: Newstead

Intended Audience: Teachers, counselors, student well being coordinators, school chaplains

What does this training offer?
  • A brief introduction of the Rock and Water theory and principles.
  • Specialised training designed to address the social and emotional developmental stages of young boys and girls.
  • The training is very physical in its delivery. The Master Instructor will take participants through a selection of the 121 games/exercises taken from the Primary School Manual.
  • Special emphasis is given to the varying needs and social identities of children in different age groups.
  • Focuses on the translation of Rock and Water principles to all primary school aged boys and girls and situations that occur at school, home and socially on a daily basis.
  • Within a fun and safe environment, children will learn skills to develop into self-confident adults with a positive attitude to life.
  • Young children will learn to stand strong, find peace and strength in themselves and to respect others in work and play.
  • Successfully implemented in schools across Australia as a Resilience and Anti-bullying program - sits well in the PDHPE curriculum and supports the Positive Behaviour and Learning (PBL) framework.
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