Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tasmanian Aboriginal Learning Tasks

Contact: Sherri Bewley, Aboriginal Education Services
p: 6165 5478   e:

Date: Now available    
Location: Statewide

Intended Audience: Primary and Lower Secondary Teachers in DoE schools

A range of new Tasmanian Aboriginal learning tasks have been developed and are now available on the Tasmanian DoE Curriculum Support Centre (DoE staff log in required) or through Aboriginal Education Services.

These learning tasks are designed to assist teachers to embed Tasmanian Aboriginal perspectives into the curriculum using Tasmanian content.

The learning tasks enable teachers to contextualise the curriculum by:
  • Starting locally - beginning with Tasmanian Aborigines.
  • Working with a Tasmanian Aboriginal Community member, where possible, or a member of Aboriginal Education Services staff.
The learning tasks address the Australian Curriculum cross curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders histories and culture. They have been developed for birth to 4 and Grades K-6 using the Australian Curriculum achievement standards but could be adapted for lower secondary and are arranged in grade and subject order.

The majority of these tasks have a resource file attached. Additional resources may be obtained from the Aboriginal Educational Services (AES) or from your school library. Staff from the AES are available to support the use of these tasks.

AES will be offering professional learning to assist with the implementation of these learning tasks in the near future. Further details will be available shortly.