Thursday, 21 August 2014

Registrations open for the Festival of Dreams Tasmania

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Contact: Eva Mackinley, Festival of Dreams
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Date: 12-14 September 2014          RSVP: 1 September 2014
Location: South

Intended Audience: Students aged 15+

The Festival of Dreams is a new and exciting empowerment program for young people that starts with a 3 day residential forum. During the forum, participants explore their dreams for the communities and their lives, and go through a process of turning those ideas into tangible project plans. With the support of trained community mentors, participants have the choice to run their projects over the span of 6 months.

The process is simple-
  1. Generate a space for young people to create a new vision for their communities and their lives
  2. Equip them with the tools and thought process to make that vision happen
  3. Offer continuing support along the way.
Festival of Dreams is about young people being empowered to create opportunities wherever they are, with whatever they have. Empowered young people means empowered communities and in turn, an empowered generation equipped to solve the big problems of the world.

When: 2pm Friday 12 September to 1pm Sunday 14 September
Where: The Lea, 330 Proctors Road, Kingston
Cost: $150, including all food, accommodation and transport for the 3 days of the forum.

The Festival of Dreams is open to participation from young people aged 15-25 of all backgrounds and walks of life.

While we encourage young people to be proactive and find their own ways to fund their participation, we don't want to see anyone excluded because of financial circumstance. Schools are encouraged to consider funding the participation of applicants that represent them.

To apply for the Festival of Dreams, visit our website.