Thursday, 7 August 2014

Australian Curriculum: Technologies - An Introduction to the Curriculum

Contact: Marie Phillips , Curriculum Services
p: 6235 6554 or 0419 365 075    e:  

Dates and regional locations:            
25 August NW (Ulverstone), 26 August N (Riverside) and 28 August S (Ogilvie)
Registrations close 20 August

Intended Audience: Primary classroom teachers, Secondary Technologies teachers in Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies and school leaders from Prep to Year 10.

Curriculum Services is offering an introduction to the Australian Curriculum: Technologies curriculum in each Learning Service.  Australian Curriculum: Technologies includes two subjects, Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies.

The sessions are designed for Primary classroom teachers and Secondary Technologies teachers and school leaders from Prep to Year 10.

The program will be an introductory session for teachers.

Program Location and dates:
Monday 25 August, Ulverstone High School 4–6 pm
Tuesday 26 August, Riverside High School 4–6 pm
Thursday 28 August, Ogilvie High School 4–6 pm

There is no cost to Department of Education schools.

Registrations – close 20 August 2014
Complete the attached registration form and forward to Curriculum Services; email or fax to (03) 6233 5080.