Thursday, 31 July 2014

Epilepsy Training Services

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Contact: Anuradha Vithanage, Epilepsy Action Australia
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Intended Audience: Teachers of students with epilepsy

We have significant education resources available via our Online Training Academy, via videoconference or webinar and in some locations face to face training providing a flexible training platform that caters to people across the spectrum of knowledge needs: from those needing a basic introduction, to staff who require more advanced information.

Our online courses start from as little as $40, making them affordable for even the smallest training budget. Please find below some information on our courses:

• Epilepsy Essentials

This course will increase your understanding and awareness of epilepsy, and ensure you know what to do if a seizure occurs. The course teaches in an interesting and visual format, showing real seizures and experiences.

This course explores the basic facts about epilepsy and instructs participants on the key areas that professionals and careers need know to improve care and outcomes for their clients. Topics addressed include:
– epilepsy facts;
– types of seizures;
– living with epilepsy;
– seizure safety and first aid.

• Emergency Medication For Seizures

This course is designed to provide staff and first aid officers with skills and knowledge to effectively administer emergency medications for seizures (such as diazepam and midazolam) via appropriate routes in organisations. Participants will learn about management of prolonged and clusters of seizures, emergency medications used in the community, why they are required, what situations they are required, the types of documentation involved, their responsibilities during the process, and how to administer the medications in a safe and timely manner.