Thursday, 31 July 2014

Burn Brighter this Winter (wood smoke education program)

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Contact: Jocelyn Phillips, Environment Protection Authority
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Dates: Winter months (June, July, August)        

Intended Audience: Parents and carers of school aged students (through school newsletters)

Wood smoke education program
The Menzies Research Institute Tasmania has found that smoke from wood heaters negatively affects our health. Wood smoke has similar effects to cigarette smoke.

The smaller particles in wood smoke can be breathed into our lungs and even enter the blood stream causing more visits to the doctor or hospital.

Those most affected – sometimes after only short exposures to smoke - have existing conditions such as asthma or heart problems, or are very young or elderly. Healthy people tend to recover quickly.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA Division) has been monitoring the winter night-time air in many of Tasmania's towns and often found smoke levels to be above the national reference level.

The program isn't about fines or wood heater buy-back schemes, it's about how we use our heaters.
The message for this winter is simple.
Wood heater with fire burning
Use wood to keep warm and be a good neighbour by reducing smoke:
  • After adding wood, burn the fire on high for 20 minutes, especially before going to bed.
  • Use only dry, well-seasoned wood in your heater.
  • Don't smoulder – always burn with a flame.
For more information see the EPA website.

Information sheet for school newsletters