Thursday, 26 June 2014

Variety Bikes 4 Kids

Contact: Katrina Dennis, Variety The Children's Charity
p: 6248 4888   e:   w:

Date: Available Any Time          RSVP: No Closing Date
Location: Statewide

Intended Audience: Anyone working with kids

I would like to introduce you to our Bikes 4 Kids Appeal.  It is a two part program:
  1. Students raise money to purchase a bike
  2. Variety finds a child in need of a bike through our appeals program
This program is all about kids helping kids. You may have an SRC or a year group that would love to help another child or you may know a child that could really benefit from having their own bike.

Please find attached a little further information about being a fundraiser and the application form for a student you may know that could be our next recipient.

To see the positive impact this program makes please have a look at this page on the Variety website.

The Bikes 4 Kids Appeal is a great way for students to become involved in a worthy cause with tangible outcomes and is straight forward to deliver. It connects students directly to a Tasmanian child in need ensuring they can make a real difference to their life.