Thursday, 19 June 2014

Terrapin Puppet Theatre - Big Baby

Contact: Kaye Chadwick, Burnie Arts & Funcion Centre
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Date: 12 July 2014 - 2pm    
Location: Burnie, Tasmania

Intended Audience: Families. Children 5+

The latest hit from Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Australia's premier contemporary puppet theatre!

Once upon a time there was a baby. Only this was no ordinary baby. This was a GIANT baby who would save the world!

When she went to the park, she ate the trees like broccoli and flooded the paths with dribble. Her tears would destroy the city people's umbrellas, making them very angry. Her nappies were made from parachutes and the poo.......well, it was giant too. So one day Dad brings home a machine to help get rid of the mess. But this machine does not just want to get rid of the mess… it wants to get rid of everything! As the world disappears piece by piece, Big Baby and her tiny father must work together to save all of humanity!

This is a story about diversity and triumphing over hardships.