Thursday, 12 June 2014

Day for Daniel - 31 October 2014

Contact: Day for Daniel

Date: 31 October 2014      

Intended Audience: All schools

The 10th annual Day for Daniel will be held on Friday 31 October and endeavours to raise awareness of child safety, protection and harm prevention.

It is about educating children through child safety and protection initiatives and helping empower our children to 'Recognise, React and Report' if they feel something is not right.

Wear Red and Educate is the theme for Day for Daniel as we strive to have schools, kindergartens, businesses and communities across Australia take action and conduct child safety activities in their local communities to help in 'Keeping Kids Safe'.

We are asking schools to register online if they are participating in Day for Daniel by going to our website.

All schools who register will receive a FREE starter pack which includes
  • Keeping Kids Safe DVD
  • Child Safety Educational Activity sheets
  • A Day for Daniel Poster
  • Bunting and Balloons
  • Day for Daniel Stickers
  • A Certificate of Appreciation
The new DVD is being developed in line with The Daniel Morcombe child safety curriculum which includes segments on bullying and internet safety.

More than 1 million people participated in Day for Daniel in 2013.

The objectives of Day for Daniel are
  • to raise awareness about child safety and protection and to promote a safer community for children
  • to educate children regarding their personal safety and empower them to 'Recognise, React and Report'
  • to educate and equip individuals and communities with knowledge and skills to understand child safety and protection requirements and empower them to take action
  • to provide FREE safety and educational material
  • to honour the memory of Daniel Morcombe
Day for Daniel is also an opportunity for Australians to make a statement that crimes against children are not acceptable in modern Australia.