Thursday, 8 May 2014

Brain Injury Association of Tasmania (BIAT) Notice

Contact: Lynda Moss, The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania
p: 6230 9800   e:   w:

Date: Anytime      
Location: Statewide

Intended Audience: High School Grade Coordinators

The Brain Injury Association of Tasmania (BIAT) has become aware some schools are being approached by people with the lived experience of brain injury and who are keen to share their story with students. BIAT acknowledges this can be a valuable interaction for students and respects the right of schools to deal directly with these individuals. In doing so schools should be aware these individuals are acting in their own right and are not part of the Education Department approved Heads Up 2 Brain Injury (HU2BI) program.

It has come to BIAT's attention that, due to the nature of brain injury, individuals presenting outside of the HU2BI program may, at times, act or behave inappropriately. It is unlikely that this would occur during a HU2BI presentation as speakers are accompanied by one of our BIAT Education Officers and undergo training to prepare them to co-present the HU2BI program. The HU2BI program presents a diverse perspective of brain injury based on our interactions with many individuals and their families over a number of years, whereas an individual presenter may only present their own experience.

Please contact the Brain Injury Association on 6230 9800 or email if you would like further information on, or to make a booking for, the Heads Up 2 Brain Injury program.