Thursday, 17 April 2014

Exploring Classroom Talk

Contact: Jennie Amos, ALEA Tas South
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Dates: 12 May & 21 June 2014         RSVP by 5 May
Location: Hobart

Intended Audience: Teachers

This sequence of workshops focuses on the role and influence of classroom talk in teaching and learning.

As teachers we routinely engage in talk with our students when going about our everyday work in classrooms. We know classroom talk is a tool for getting this work done – for organising our students and the resources required to get this work done, for relating to our students, and for conveying curriculum content. We know it is a tool for teaching and learning. The challenge is that it is so commonplace, so regular, so ordinary and mundane that as teachers we often take it for granted. These workshops will provide practical tools for re-examining our classroom talk and ideas for effecting change in our pedagogical practices.

Venue: Tas Hockey Centre, New Town