Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Gyuto Monks of Tibet

Contact: Ursula Horlock, Gyuto House Australia
p: 0413 527 954   e:   w:

Date: 14 - 23 March, 2014          RSVP: Daily program of activities, see brochure
Location: Waterside Pavilion, Mawsons Palce, Hobart

Intended Audience: Adults and children

The Gyuto monks are returning to Hobart in March (13-24) and will be working from the Waterside Pavilion, Mawsons Place.

The program will be run over 10 days and will offer a rich variety of talks, meditations, culture classes for kids plus the daily creation of the beautiful sand mandala for which the monks are renowned.

The work of the monks is about encouraging the practice of kindness and compassion in daily life.

Welcomingly, this broad community support transcends spiritual, religious and philosophic boundaries.

Funds raised (by donation) over the 10 day period support both the monks in Australia and the refugee community in India in practical ways - food, health and basic monastery essentials.

Attached is a flyer and program of the 20th anniversary of the Gyuto monks visit to Hobart.