Thursday, 27 March 2014

Post-Naplan Stress Disorder: Cartoon therapy - Book now for Term 2!

Contact: Bradfield Dumpleton
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Location: Statewide

Taking bookings now for Term 2

Intended Audience: Teachers, Primary school

TEACHERS! Are you PREPARED? We approach that time of year once again, when many of our young learners become susceptible to that gruelling condition, Post-Naplan Stress Disorder. Help is at hand!

Dr Dumpleton's "School Of Cartoon Artistry" cartooning workshops may be just the kind of Post-Naplan treatment your students need. Hands-on, educational & fun, these workshops soothe the mind & reinvigorate the brain! Book now for Term 2, or if symptoms persist book for Term 3 as well!

Bradfield Dumpleton is an arts educator, cartoonist & illustrator, and Tasmania's foremost drawing inspirationalist.  He has been teaching drawing through the language of cartooning to students of all ages, for over 20 years.  Bradfield uses a dynamic interactive approach to drawing that inspires, challenges, entertains and uplifts. 

The focus is on providing a fun creative learning experience that is accessible to all students regardless of perceived skill.   Unlike other presenters who rely on "brand name" characters, Bradfield draws directly from the imaginations of the class, so they can see their own ideas spontaneously manifest. 

A passionate teacher, his hands-on cartoon-drawing workshops have inspired thousands of school children and teachers alike, and he has worked with many schools to design specialist creative programs addressing areas such as remedial and gifted education, at-risk youth and resilience. 

For more info and some great examples of students work go to or look at these posts: