Thursday, 13 March 2014

Miscue Analysis Inquiry Project

Contact: Jennie Amos, ALEA Tas South
p: Jennie Amos    e:

Date: 3 April 2014          RSVP by 28 March
Location: Springfield Gardens Primary School, West Moonah

Intended Audience: Teachers

Using Miscue Analysis as a tool for understanding reading K-10
Learn to analyse students' reading using texts they read for real purposes

In this ongoing inquiry, teachers will learn the benefits of using Miscue Analysis as a framework for collecting and interpreting reading behaviours. The process of Miscue Analysis provides a window into the skills, knowledge and understandings a reader uses (or fails to use appropriately) as they strive to make sense of text.

The inquiry will challenge participants to interrogate their own beliefs about what effective reading is, what skills and knowledge effective readers need to know and orchestrate, and what this entails for classroom practice. Evidence gained from this process will enable teachers to design classroom practices which promote and support all readers.

The process will give participants confidence and skill in teaching reading enabling them to offer leadership to others. They will be able to make informed decisions about what is and is not effective teaching of reading.

Participants will have between session tasks to complete with identified children from their class and readings to support their learning.