Thursday, 20 March 2014

Free online course - Digital Technologies

Contact: info@ TASITE, TASITE (Tasmanian Society for Information Technology in Education)
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Commencing 24 March 2014  
Location: Online

Intended Audience: Teachers, school leaders interest in the Digital Technologies curriculum

Digital Technologies: Implementing the Australian Curriculum Learning Area

Are you looking at how your school might implement the Digital Technologies curriculum? This free online course may be of interest. It's designed for Primary teachers but much of the content will be of use to secondary teachers also.

This course will explain the fundamentals of digital technology and computational thinking specifically addressing learning objectives of the Australian Digital Technologies curriculum (Foundation-6). Come learn about how digital technology can be integrated into your classroom, exploring example lesson plans, and helping form a community designed to share resources and support.

The course is provided by Computer Science Education Research Group, School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide and supported by Google.

Visit this page on TASITE's website for more information.