Thursday, 6 March 2014

Back to School Special at The Imaginarium

Contact: Rebecca McPake, Imaginarium Science Discovery Centre
p: 6424 1333   e:

Date: 1-31 March 2014        
Location: Devonport

Intended Audience: 3 yrs to 99 yrs

Our new exhibit is up and running.
  • Learn about Light, Problem solve and find out why hot liquids freeze faster!
  • Check out Google Sky, Google Moon or Google Mars.
  • Are you ready to see if Big brother is watching you?
Its Science baby is a highly interactive science exhibition that looks at many facets of science from lights, perception, moving pictures, optical illusions and physics. Learn how to make a simple vortex cannon and learn about the fluid dynamics of air.


Option 1
Laser Skirmish or Rock Climbing with a visit to the Imaginarium.
Cost $15 per head.
Suitable for Years 3 - 12

Option 2
Jungle Gyms with a visit to the Imaginarium.
Cost $10 head.
Suitable for Kinder – Year 6

Venue: 62-64 North Fenton Street, Devonport, Tasmania 7306