Thursday, 20 March 2014

AIM Workshop-Gesturing to fluency!

Contact: Jen McKinney, AIM Language Learning (AUs and NZ)
p: 0415 415 769   e:   w:

Date: Friday 21 March 2014  9.30am - 3pm          RSVP: Thursday 20 March
Location: Launceston

Intended Audience: French Teachers

AIM will be running a small "hands on workshop" at John Calvin School this Friday! It is not too late to register. Send an email to to notify your attendance.

Do you know about AIM?
It is a wonderful program that uses iconic gestures to accelerate Student fluency. It is really wonderful and really rejuvenated my teaching when I began using the program over 10 years ago.

For 20 years of my teaching I would hear; "Madame McKinney, why can't I speak fluent French? I have been studying French at this school since I was 5…I am now in grade 6 and can't speak a word or understand a thing!"

The Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM) is being used in thousands of schools around the world and has been referred to as a revolution for second language teaching and learning!

AIM is a unique, multi-faceted program in that it uses gestures, a specifically researched 'pared down' language, stories and music to rapidly develop students' fluency.

AIM is:
  • A verb-based rather than noun-based approach allowing teachers and students to be able to function solely in the target language from the outset of the program.
  • An inductive approach, providing students with the vocabulary and grammatical structures they require on an "on needs' basis. 
  • A multi-sensory approach and considers all the multiple intelligences in its use of visual, musical, maths/logic, kinaesthetic etc making the language accessible for all types of learners.
My classroom is a veritable laboratory whereby the students, NOT the teacher do to speaking. This is facilitated by the use of gestures to 'conduct' the children….just like the conductor of a choir conducts his orchestra. We sing, dance, rap and speak for 100% of our class in French. There are no longer the traditional little rows of children learning little rows of words! No textbooks …..and we actually learn the language through listening and practice the language through speaking….just as we learnt out first language!

This is fun learning, and my students are rapidly developing a functional fluency that will be useful for life.

Come along and join the wave of language teaching that is really making a difference to student learning!

Venue: John Calvin School, 53 Howick Street, Launceston

See you there!