Thursday, 20 February 2014

Reading for pleasure... Students control the plot

Contact: Michael Grant, EdutainMe eResources
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Date: from 28 February 2014      
Location: Online

Intended Audience: Teachers, literacy coaches, ICT

On Friday 28 February, Fiction Express for Schools will be launching a fantastic new e-book, Clock, written by Melbourne-based author, Andrew G Taylor, where students vote to control the plot.

Harry Boyd has the power to stop time. This enables him to live a life of petty crime under the very noses of other shoppers at the Gatesworth Shopping Centre. Then one day, he is surprisingly caught in the act, and everything starts to unravel. (Reading age 10+)

This thrilling sci-fi adventure will engage readers as Harry tries to work out who to trust and how to use his extraordinary gift. Full of moral dilemmas as well as heart-stopping cliffhangers and fast-paced action, the weekly episodes will keep even reluctant readers on the edge of their seats.

We really hope that pupils enjoy this exciting e-book, alongside comic caper Pants on Fire! (Reading age 8+) by Tommy Donbavand.

Enjoy a 3-week trial allowing you and your students to read the first 3 chapters of 2 of the e-books for free.