Friday, 14 February 2014

PD Program for Tasmania - Visual Art K-12, 2014

Contact: Kim O'Brien, Visual Art Consultant Education Tasmania. VACET
p: 6428 7628   e:

Date: Yearly Program          RSVP: Various
Location: Shearwater, North West. North and South.

Intended Audience: K-6 generalist and specialist art teachers, 7-10 generalist and art teachers. 11-12 Visual art teachers

Mr Kim O'Brien, visual art consultant Tasmania (VACET) is offering a year's program of professional development in Visual Art for teachers K-12, artists wanting to work with children, or artists wanting to up skill or learn new skills. See his professional Facebook site or the attached files (below).

The areas covered are Drawing, Painting, Printmaking Fabric and Fibre, Carving, Modelling, Ceramics and Sculpture - at Introductory and Advanced levels.

PD Year Plan

Detail of Drawing Workshops - term 1, 2014