Friday, 14 February 2014

National History Curriculum Brought to Life In Theatre

Contact: Judith Cornish, Live History Hobart
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Date: Any time of your choice        
Location: Your school

Intended Audience: Teachers of Grades 3 - 6

Kids learn in so many ways and one of the most powerful is Storytelling and Theatre!

Live History Productions actors will visit your school and students will participate in a half hour Classroom session just as it was back in the Old Days! Called The Old School this presentation is an invaluable resource that fits in with any unit on history from the National curriculum.
Mr Oldfield (the Headmaster) and Miss Thorne (class teacher) conduct a typical class including Copy book work, times tables, Geography, current affairs of the day (the Burke and Wills expedition) and singing.

Students are encouraged to dress in period clothing and adopt names of the era.

Schools who have experienced a visit from The Old School report wonderful feedback including stimulating classroom discussion on the difference between historical and modern education. A memorable historical experience for staff and students alike.

Very affordable as we come to you so there are no transport costs involved. Contact us for rates and further details!