Thursday, 20 February 2014

Imaginarium ~ Its Science Baby!

Contact: Rebecca McPake, Imaginarium Science Discovery Centre
p: (08) 6424 1333   e:

Dates: 19 Feb - 1 April 2014      
Location: 62 - 64 North Fenton Street, Devonport, Tasmania

Intended Audience: From 3yrs to 99 yrs of age

Imaginarium brings engaging science shows and effective hands-on science workshops to schools throughout Northern Tasmania.

The "Its Science Baby!" exhibit looks at many facets of science. For example why does a hot liquid freeze faster then cold liquid? We can show you by making your own ice-cream.

Play with light and make your own zoetrope and learn to levitate with our anti-gravity mirrors, be a scientist and try out the amazing drunk buster goggles.

Phone the Imaginarium on (08) 6424 1333

Cost $6 per head