Thursday, 20 February 2014

ICT Peer Coaching

Contact: Rowena Ulbrick, Expanding Learning Horizons
p: 0422 835 121   e:

Date: Monday 24 - Wednesday 26 March           Closing: Monday 17 March
Location: Hobart

Intended Audience: Teacher Leaders, Senior Leaders, Principals

Teacher quality has the greatest impact on student performance and outcomes. Recent studies by educational leaders suggest the benefits of schools having an explicit focus on building teacher capacity through reflective practices, has the greatest impact on classroom performance.

Expanding Learning Horizons offer an internationally accredited 3 day course for groups of teachers or school leaders that teaches them coaching skills which allow for deeper conversations between teachers around the use of ICT for purposeful learning.

Structured for between 15 – 25 attendees, this course is designed for teachers to learn from each other collaboratively.

ICT Peer Coaching is an internationally recognised Microsoft course that accredits participants as both coach, and facilitator. This allows them to certify additional coaches within their school to ensure the sustainability of the coaching program.

Teachers are constantly learning and reflecting as part of their work,and ELH recommends the ICT Peer Coaching accreditation course be undertaken in conjunction with either one-on-one mentoring from an ELH team member, or from a collection of the workshops we offer. This way the on-staff coaches at your school are always equipped to impart the latest teaching and learning pedagogies.

Peer Coaching Invitation

Peer Coaching Brochure

"Research by Michael Fullan and others makes it clear that teachers need the opportunity to learn from one another on a sustained, ongoing basis" (Fullan, 2001).

"…short, afterschool workshops and seminars have proven largely ineffective, changing teacher classroom behaviour less than 15% of the time."
Showers & Joyce, 1994

"…collaborative, reflective learning methodologies, like Peer Coaching, changes teachers' classroom practice more than 85% of the time."
Showers & Joyce, 1994

The configuration of Training Workshops is decided upon the initial consultation with schools and developed in line with the schools overall learning strategy or vision. How the Training Workshops are rolled out can be adjusted to individual school's needs.