Thursday, 20 February 2014

Create and Collaborate with Windows 8

Contact: Rowena Ulbrick, Expanding Learning Horizons
p: 0422 835 121   e:

Dates & Locations:
Thursday 27 March - Hobart          RSVP: Thursday 20 March
Friday 28 March - Launceston        RSVP: Friday 21 March

Intended Audience: Classroom Teachers, Teacher Leaders, Senior Leaders, Principals

About the Windows 8 workshop
A jam-packed workshop for even the experienced technology user, with lots to explore and learn. Working alongside an ELH ICT Education Specialist you'll discover how to transform your teaching practice by making the best App choices, developing a big picture understanding of 21st Century skills linked to the ICT General Capabilities within the National Curriculum.

This full-day professional learning workshop is suited to both primary and secondary teachers of all abilities and will consist of three elements:

1. The ins and outs of Windows 8
Windows 8 gives you all the features of an App experience with touch, as well as the functionality of a full desktop experience for higher order educational activities. We'll explore the pedagogical potential of the new Windows 8 platform and showcase its benefits for learning. Most importantly, you'll have time to play and see the power of Apps and applications working side by side.

2. The power of Apps
Apps are an engaging way to integrate technology and develop 21st Century skills in today's students. This session will strengthen your understandings of the ACARA ICT General Capabilities and provide insight into successful models for integrating ICT into 21st Century lesson design. You'll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of Apps to appreciate how they could transform your teaching practice.

3. Collaborate and Create
We know how important it is to walk away from any professional learning experience with something that you can implement as soon as you hit the classroom. Put your new skills and ideas into practise and collaborate on task design with other teachers. This afternoon session allows you time to develop real and meaningful tasks for your classroom.

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Workshop Invitation - Hobart

Workshop Invitation - Launceston