Friday, 14 February 2014

Arashi shibori ( Japanese Pole wrapping of fabric) Workshop

Contact: Kim O'Brien, Visual Art Consultant Education Tasmania. VACET
p: 6428 7628   e: 

Date: 12 April 2014          RSVP: 28 March. Limited spaces. 3 spaces are already booked.
Location: Shearwater, North West coast.

Intended Audience: Teachers, visual art teachers, artists, community members.

This is a very controlled type of dyeing. Workshop participants will be wrapping the material around a pipe and dipping into a solution, in order to discharge the dye from their pre dyed material.

The results can be surprising and take time to really master, especially the timing for discharging the dyes.

List of Materials the participants are required to bring.
  • at least 2 metres of coloured lightweight cotton lawn. Dark colours are better for beginners.
  • A ball of Polypropylene Garden twine 60metre ball. ( Must be polypropylene to stand up to the discharge solution) Hardware store or garden centres
  • 2 buckets plastic 10 litres
  • Cheapest brand of bleach and vinegar.
  • small roll of masking tape
  • Off cut of plastic drainage pipe ( size dependant on the size of material to be dyed) recommended size – 15/16cm diameter. Worksites plumbers about 
  • Apron plastic coated or wear old clothes as you may get splashes from bleach mixture.

Bring your own lunch

Bring patience and care and be prepared to learn from your first attempts!

12 April 2014 time 10 – 2

$50 per student. $40 for RRA members Maximum number of 15 students

'Boru Dunes', 4 Freeer St, Shearwater.