Thursday, 12 December 2013

Science Experience at UTAS

Contact: Jeannie-Marie LeRoi , UTAS
p: 6226 7477   e:    w:

Dates: 14 - 16 Jan. (Hobart ) and 28 - 30 Jan. (Launceston) 2014  
RSVP: 20 Dec. 2013

Location: Hobart and Launceston

Intended Audience: Yr 9 - 10 students

Are your Year 9 and 10 students interested in finding out more about studying science and engineering? Meeting new people? Getting a better understanding of university life? Learning more about different career pathways in science?

The Science Experience is on again this summer at the University of Tasmania.

As part of the three-day program, your students could explore how the brain works, study animal behaviour, undertake a fish dissection, test foods for sugar content, learn about quarantine issues, solve an engineering challenge, and create 3D computer-generated models - just some examples from the wide range of activities that students have undertaken in past programs.

The cost is $115 per student to cover expenses associated with running the program. Students may seek financial sponsorship from a local Rotary Club or other sponsor to meet this cost.

The program is non-residential, but discounted accommodation for families of participants who may need to travel to attend can be organised through the University of Tasmania's Accommodation Services.

Past participants have said:
   "It was much more exciting than I expected!"
   "Who would've thought I'd enjoy doing science in the holidays?"

Students can apply directly to attend through the Science Experience website or by completing the attached application form.