Thursday, 12 December 2013

Kid's 'Draw a Lute' Art Competition

Contact: Susan King, The Tasmanian Lute Festival
p: 0432 164 145   e:   w:

Date: Winner announced 12 February 2014          Entries close on 11 February
Location: Statewide participation invited and display of entries in Lilydale

Intended Audience: Primary School teachers, parents and students

The Tasmanian Lute Festival is an event for those who love the lute and its music. This year it will be held in Lilydale in Tasmania. To engage more with the community several community events have been organised. One of these is a 'Draw a Lute' competition for Primary Aged School children.

Fuller's Bookshop have donated the first prize of $40 worth of book vouchers to the child and $80 worth of book vouchers for the child's school.

Further info can be found on our website or feel free to contact Susan King.