Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Next Big Thing for Literacy Learning

Michael Grant, EdutainMe eResources
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Intended Audience:  Primary, Secondary, Literacy, Special Education

How much more engaged in reading do you think our students would be, if they had a say in what happened next in the plot of the story they were reading? What if they could 'chat' to the author via a blog during the story writing process? An international phenomenon is gripping young readers and getting them involved, excited and engaged in literacy learning by doing just that.

“The Next Big Thing” is one of two new titles just released by Fiction Express For Schools that allows Australian primary school students to get inspired and engaged in literacy. The Next Big Thing follows rock band Go Girlz to the Rock Academy Jam Sandwich competition. When disaster strikes, who will replace their star drummer? Participating students from all around the world will decide.

The e-books can be used in the classroom on interactive white boards or at school/home on student portable devices. Teachers receive comprehensive resources to accompany the books and to support them in their important role of inspiring young minds.


“The students were so motivated.... dead keen to read the next e-book,”
 Emanuela Fragapane,  Literacy Support Teacher,  Sacred Heart School, Thornlie - Western Australia

"I’ve subscribed to Fiction Express and think it’s great. The teacher activities are super. I also like being able to offer our students another option for reading – at home, in class, or at the library."  Fran Mes, Director of Learning, Viscount School, Mangere - New Zealand

"It’s like reading a new book that’s not found in our school library. I like that idea!" Steven 12 years old and "It’s a smart idea. You can read the stories on the internet any time.. at home or school." Maima, 13 years old, Students at Viscount School,   Mangere - New Zealand

To find out more about the next big thing in literacy learning please visit our website or contact us by email at or telephone on 1300 657 665.