Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ready Set Trot!

Contact: Equestrian Australia
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Location: Statewide

Intended Audience: Teachers

Ready Set Trot offers young people a chance to learn about equestrian sports. A special program just for schools provides traditional playground games with a horsey twist that will get young people active and excited about equestrian sports.

No horse required!

Ready Set Trot - Playground Skills is the special Ready Set Trot program just for schools. Introduce your students to equestrian sports using basic equipment from your sports shed such as balls, hoops and skipping ropes. No horse or horse knowledge is needed so it can be delivered anywhere, anytime by anyone.

FREE School Ed Visits

Do you want your school to host a free school education visit from a Ready Set Trot accredited delivery centre? To find out the options available for various size groups and to organise a visit for your students CLICK HERE.

Sign your school up today for FREE!

Want to get your school involved in the Ready Set Trot - Playground Skills program? It's free to download the Ready Set Trot - Playground Skills lesson plans one you have registered your school as a delivery centre. It's easy to sign-up and only takes a few moments. CLICK HERE to sign-up now.

Teachers can run the program flexibly and can also download a certificate from the Ready Set Trot website which can be presented to each student who completes the program. Children who receive a certificate can register at the website to receive a special gift.

To find out more about the delivery requirements for the Ready Set Trot - Playground Skills program CLICK HERE.

Active After Schools Communities (AASC)

Ready Set Trot - Playground Skills has been approved for use in the Active After Schools Communities (AASC) program! Through fun games and group activities which also promote physical activity, children learn all about horses and equestrian sports. At the completion of the program participants will be able to spot the difference between a trot and a gallop, will be able to identify areas on a horse such as a mane and a hoof and know all about equestrian at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.