Thursday, 28 November 2013

ASLA - Tasmania Awards

Contact: ASLA

ASLA Members in Tasmania are pleased to congratulate the winners of the following awards

School Library Leader of the Year, 2013
Stacey Pryer (Head of Libraries at The Friends School)

co-sharing Library Technician of the Year, 2013
Felicia Phillips (Tasmanian eSchool)          Martha McQueen (Hagley Farm School)

The official presentation to Stacey Pryer of the School Library Leader award and Felecia Phillips as joint winner of the Library Technician of the Year award, will take place at an end-of-year function in Hobart and
Martha McQueen will be receiving the official presentation of her award at the ASLA North end-of-year function.

Congratulations to all of our winners across both award categories on being such worthy recipients of these prestigious awards, sponsored by the Co-op Bookshop, UTAS Hobart and Launceston.