Wednesday, 16 October 2013

School Bus Safety

Contact: Georgie Branch, Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources
P: 6233 3265 E: W:

Intended Audience: All Schools

With one term to go until the end of the year, it is important that teachers, parents and guardians continue to remind students to be safe when catching buses to and from school.

To help teachers, parents and guardians to deliver school bus safety messages the Tasmanian Government, together with the Road Safety Advisory Council, Metro and the Tasmanian Bus Association continues to promote its School Bus Safety Education Campaign.

Key bus safety messages to remind students of include:
  • Always walk on the footpath to the bus stop, never run.
  • Respect the 'Danger Zone' which surrounds all sides of the bus. The 'Danger Zone' is 3 meters wide on all sides of the bus.
  • Always remain 10 steps away from the bus to be out of the 'Danger Zone' and where the driver can see you. 
  • Never walk in front of a bus.
  • STOP, LOOK, LISTEN & THINK before crossing the road.
For more bus safety messages visit the School Bus Safety website. It is an excellent resource that provides important safety information through interactive online games, quiz, craft ideas and other activities.

You can also obtain a pack of educational resources by contacting Georgie Branch 6233 3265 or email