Wednesday, 16 October 2013

RACI 'Nature's Chemical Diversity' Exhibition

Contact: Anne Guest
P: 6421 5200 E:

Location: Devonport
Dates: 22 October - 6 November 2013

Intended Audience: Science Co-odinators, Science teachers, teachers and school students

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute's travelling exhibition 'Nature's chemical diversity' is visiting Devonport and schools are welcome to book visits for groups of students.

The exhibition demonstrates that chemists find new compounds with useful properties in microbes, land and sea plants, sea animals and minerals from the ground. What can we get from seaweed, jellyfish, venomous animals or pyrethrum? Visit the exhibition to find out.

Devonport LINC is happy to combine your visit with a library tour and/or catalogue introduction. Please contact us to discuss your group's requirements.

A travelling exhibition brought to you by The Royal Australian Chemical Institute and sponsored by the Inspiring Australia program of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science, Research and tertiary Education – Questacon.