Thursday, 31 October 2013

Newstead College Rock Music Summer School

Contact: Roger Francis E:
Nicholas Parker E:

Location: Launceston
Dates: 6-10 January 2014          RSVP: Friday 6 December

Intended Audience: Musicians and Audio Production students from 10 years up

Five intensive days of rock music instruction designed for those interested in being in a rock band, those who wish to be part of an acoustic act or those wishing to learn more about sound and production using the latest equipment

The very best local tutors are joined by the best from the mainland to produce a rewarding week of music instruction for singers, guitarists, bass players, keyboards players drummers and horn players (trumpet, trombone and sax). Students can elect to be a member of a band or in an acoustic act or both. Students can also join the week to just concentrate on sound and lighting production under the auspices of local company VJAM (formerly Frontline).

Cheaper rates are available for students who register as members of a group of three or more and we also have an accommodation option available at a very competitive price.

This school has been operating for 22 years and is highly respected both here and on the mainland.


Venue: Newstead College