Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Leadership Training for Secondary Student Leaders Free Intensive Workshop

Contact: Pamela Leach, Respectful Relationships Project Officer, Phoenix Centre
P: 6234 9138 E:

Location: Any high school or secondary school in Tasmania, or an off-campus location of your choice
Date: To be arranged with school administration  
RSVP: ASAP as only two more schools will be chosen—no later than 1st term of 2014

Intended Audience: Student leaders for 2014

This 12 hour (in total) intensive, participatory workshop program offers an opportunity to consolidate a school’s student council or student management team, teaching the nature of leadership, consensus building, incidental counselling and mental health, cooperative strategies, working with diversity, transforming conflict, respectful relationships, decision-making, self-care and strengthening self-esteem and group affirmation.

This free program, funded by the Australian government, is designed to consolidate a student leadership team while emphasizing a culture of self and mutual-respect within the school. It is highly participatory, fun and challenging in its pedagogy. It should be offered in a fairly intensive manner, totalling contact twelve hours, or about two and a half school days. 

While it is ideal for an off campus, camp-type setting, the school and or students would have to fund this. An exploration of the nature of leadership affords the opportunity to test a variety of styles of management and decision-making, and what it is to be at the delivery and receiving end of these. A more intensive focus is given to consensus building and conflict transformation, drawing members of the team and the community into a united entity while valuing the plurality of perspectives. A variety of cooperative strategies are practiced. 

The students learn incidental counselling skills, and heighten their knowledge of mental health and its enhancement among the student body. Working with diversity and practicing respectful relationships are key to embracing difference and the richness it brings to school life. Students also spend time building their skills around self-care, and focusing on their mutual strengths and affirmations of one another, including the valuing of what each brings to the team. Other themes can be added to the program according to the needs of individual schools.