Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Aurora Sparky's Electrical Safety in Schools Program

Contact: Denice Barker, Community Partnerships Advisor
P: 6237 3342 on Monday, Thursday or Friday E:

Location: Statewide
Available: 2014

Intended Audience: Primary school principals and teachers

Aurora Energy's successful Electrical Safety and Energy Efficiency in Schools Program, featuring 'Sparky,' will be returning in 2014. This free program is aimed at primary aged students and has been developed to educate children about electricity and its associated dangers as well as some energy efficiency hints and tips.

Our trained presenters visit every Tasmanian region, delivering an interactive, informative and visually engaging presentation to students from kindergarten through to grade six.

Presentations work on a class-by-class basis with session times as follows - 30 minutes for kindergarten, 45 minutes for prep to grade three and an hour for grades four to six. All students receive an activity bag at the end of the presentation to reinforce the presentation in class and to help inform adults what the child has learnt and to help with a home audit.

The timetable for presentations for 2014 will be as follows:-
  • Southern Tasmania (incorporating midlands, central highlands, Tasman Peninsula and Derwent Valley)
    5 February to 5 July(Terms 1 and 2)
  • North West Tasmania
    (incorporating the west coast)
    21 July to 26 September
  • Northern Tasmania
    (incorporating the east coast and north-east Tasmania)
    13 October through to 19 December

If you are interested in having 'Sparky' visit your school, or you would like more information please contact me on my email address: or call 6237 3342 on Monday, Thursday or Friday.

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