Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Arts e-News from the Moonah Arts Centre

Contact: Moonah Arts Centre
A: 65 Hopkins St., Moonah 7009

Location: Glenorchy City Council area
Dates: October to November 2013

Intended Audience: Southern Tasmanian schools & colleges; families; anyone interested

Welcome to Glenorchy City Council's regular arts e-news. Enjoy this update on activity at the Moonah Arts Centre, as well as a selection of arts and cultural news, activity and opportunities across the City.

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Moonah Arts Centre Program

'Comparing My Life to a Book' - A new play by Bill Pearson Sunday October 27 at 2pm and 7pm

Bill Pearson is one of Moonah's most interesting inhabitants. many would know of him through his expertise in Chinese medicine or through his Tai Chi classes but what you may not know is that Bill is one of Tasmania's most accomplished stage, radio and television actors and playwrights. 'Comparing My Life to a Book' is Bill's latest work. it's a comedy about sanity and insanity - and who suffers. it is also a Whodunnit. Combine a character who may be suffering mental illness and introduce him to others who may not be and your life reads just like a book.

The Cast is Bill, Jane Longhurst, (ABC Radio) and Cassie Xintavelonis, (Yes, the Coogans Ads but more, so much more).

The 2pm session is a free final dress rehearsal but the 7pm show is the full production and it only costs $5 payable at the door (No concessions). Bookings not required.

October in the Gallery:

The Hobart Embroiderer's Guild
October 30 - Nov 3. Launch 6pm, Oct 30 by Prof Adrian Franklin

The Hobart Embroider's Guild presents its 34th exhibition of traditional and contemporary Embroidery, including a display of many outsanding examples of Embroiderey from their permament collection. You will also have the opportunity to buy some beautiful pieces from the Gift Boutique as well as the fabrics and tools to help you get started or continue with your own embroidery.

Please note that the opening hours for this show are NOT the usual MAC Gallery Hours. The show will be open every day from Thursday through to Sunday from 10am - 4pm

November in the Gallery:

Claremont College Annual Student's Exhibition Launch Wednesday Nov 13, at 6pm

This Annual show of Claremont College Higher School Certificate students presents works in a wide range of media with a particular emphasis on photography and digital art which is particularly strong in this College.
Please note that, as this is also the assessment exhibition for the external HSC Examination, there will be a short periods during the run of the show when the examination is taking place that the Gallery will be closed to the general public. (You can check this with the Gallery staff closer to the launch date).

'A New Room' - November 29 - December 18.
Launch 6pm, Nov 29

The MAC commissioned three artists, Jackie MacDonald, Roz Wren and Kate Connellan to develop a project which is innovative and original and working closely with artists with a disability. The premise of the project is that the artists, (who are all familiar with working with communities and with people with a disability), should meet with artists from 3 agencies - Life Without Barriers, Parkside Foundation and Cosmos, and select artists with whom they would like to pair up to develop new work. This radical approach allows the artists themselves to choose the best way to approach a collaboration. The collaboration then results in the artists with a disability learning new skills in order that their works can be developed into designs which can be applied across a range of other, often domestic contexts. The results are quite surprising and quite stunning! The image above is by Samuel Bosworth - come and see how it has been developed through working with artist Kate Connellan.

November Concerts:

Roman Astra and friends - 'Overtone Ornaments'
November 8th, Doors 7pm, Show 7:30pm Tickets at door $15 / Concession $10

Roman Astra (vocals, Sitar, Indian violin), Lynn Mitchell (flutes, harp, harmonium), Helen Morisson (cello, harp), Nik Stolp (6-string bass) and Rodrigo Diaz (percussion, Sitar) will perform musical pieces which feature overtones and sympathetic harmonies. Those are sounds which are actually not played but heard. They add to the music what stimulates the mind. It can prompt the brain to' improvise' and even 'fill in' what it assumes 'to be missing'.

Whirling Tubes will also be featured and mundane household objects like kettles and vacuum cleaners may be used. Whatever you experience, this music will take you onto a journey of a different kind adding new colors of sound to your mind.

'Moonah Nights' Friday November 22 from 7:30pm. Gold Coin Donation

Moonah Nights is a developmental showcase for culturally diverse musicians, keen to share their cultural traditions and develop new audiences for their unique style of music. It is a great opportunity for young and emerging musicians from Tasmania's newer communities to share their skills as well as a chance to show our appreciation of older musicians from culturally diverse communities.

Workshops in November:
AMAZING LACE ' - Lace Knitting with Anna Reussien - Saturday November 23 and Sunday 24

Lace Knitting is extraordinary, producing garments so fine that a shawl can be easily pulled through a wedding ring! Come along and learn this amazing art form, evoking snowflakes and spider webs, this knitting uses the finest yarns yet produces delicate garments of great beauty and surprising strength. The cost is $200 for the two days but it is still great value. Please call Sean on 6214 7633 for booking details and further information.

MONA Cinema

Now there's always something going on at MONA. But our pick this month would have to be the rather wonderful MONA Cinema just tucked in beside the Void Bar. Some extremely comfortable seats, drinks or coffee from the bar can be taken in and there is a frequently changing program of some of the world's best stage performance captured on film and ready for your enjoyment. So right now if you fancy a bit of Othello from the National Theatre of London, forget the 18 hours of air travel - just head on over to MONA!

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